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Phase 1

Truth & Authenticity

The first phase of the Sovereign Self Circle is about getting to know and understand yourself deeply, including the elements you may have been a little unsure about. In this phase you explore how the events in your life shaped the person you have become, and the person you can grow into. Sovereign leadership requires taking full ownership of your life's story, both its past and its future.

Phase 2

Passion & Purpose

We all have something powerfully unique to bring to the world. No-one alive shares your life's story, your upbringing, your education, your personality, your friends and family et cetera, which makes you truly one-of-a-kind. You are the only one who can bring forth what your heart longs for, in your unique way. This phase is about embracing that knowing, and setting out to find your personal way to serve the world.

Phase 3

Letting Go & Resilience

To create the life you want, you'll have to let go of the things that are no longer serving you. This phase is about letting go and letting come, it's about self care and about the self love to have an honest look at everything you surround yourself with. Only if you are healthy and whole, you will have a life that mirrors that in all aspects.

Phase 4

Personal Presence & Power

From this deep connection to yourself, you can step out into the world and build equally deep connections to others. Speaking and living your truth, while bing open, sincere, and curious. Your presence reflects this, as you know that how are is even more important than what you do. Your energy, intention, and mindset creates your daily reality, and you know how to actively influences all three.

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