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If you're ready to ditch the overthinking and rationalising and want to step into alignment and wholeness, here are a couple of things to get you started, in the rhythm & pace that suits you at this time in your life

Understand your Human Design Blueprint

A 4 module self study course to make sense of your Human Design Body Graph (and that of your loved ones).
RESULT: deeper self awareness

Conscious communication for smart, sensitive overthinkers

Based on my book, The Mindful Guide of Conflict Resolution, this 6-module course teaches how to speak your truth without alienating others.

coming soon

Relax & Reset your Nervous System

Our nervous system cannot reset itself. This course teaches you a variety of ways to help it back to rest & digest.

coming soon

The Purpose Quest

6-week deep dive into the why you do what you do, and how you can do it a way that really aligns with the truth of who you are.