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Have you ever wondered

why you are here?

Or do you feel you have something
powerful to offer,

but you can't find the right way to bring it out?

You wanted to be influential and make the world a better place. And you set out and got the job that could make that happen.

Except: it isn’t as good as you thought

It turns out having an authentic impact isn’t so easy
when you have to deal with office politics.

And although you want to give it your all, you doubt if your ambitions are even worth pursuing further. Your private life is already suffering so much that it seems unrealistic to want to rise even further.

But what if I tell you it doesn’t have to be this way?

What if I tell you it IS possible to fully be yourself,
without alienating others?

Probably you wouldn’t take me at face value; I haven’t even introduced myself yet. Let’s change that right now.

Life, Biz & Leadership Coach
for those who want to create impact,

while being their most evolved Self.

I’m highly intuitive, trained in energy work and ThetaHealing, but I’m also very grounded and love to make things actionable.
I’m a quick thinker and can be super-sharp, but I’m also an empath who tunes into your energy to feel where to go.

Honestly, balancing opposites
is ingrained in who I am

I’ve got a decade of leading teams and working in ministeries below my belt, as well as a decade as a leadership focused coach, teacher and writer.

You could say I’m not an early bloomer.
It’s taken me all my 40+ years to figure out who I truly am.

I’ve started out as a super-sensitive girl, picking up on everyone’s energy. I started using everything I learned that way to become a full-on pleaser. I knew what they expected of me before they could even voice it and I learned how to use that so they would like me.

In hindsight,

that’s exactly what I needed to develop my natural talents.

As an empath, I was already good at picking up other people’s energy, but it became a super power.

In my university years I started leading, but in a very directive way. I chaired a couple of student boards, fully clad in an armour of old-paradigm leadership traits.

When I got a job as an Interim Manager in the Dutch government,

my perspective changed.

I vividly remember sitting in a communication training where I was asked to share what I liked about myself and what made me different from others, and I had NOTHING.

I remember sitting in that room. The realization sinking in that while I was valued and appreciated by others, I lost touch with what made me ME: my quirkiness and my fun.

I recall the devastation from understanding that I’d taken away all the little things that made me unique or different to prevent people from being put off by what they saw. Instead, I ticked all the boxes: university degree, smart, beautiful, dressed in a way that was flattering, but never uncovering more than was proper, going out, but never losing control etc etc.

I was really good at my job. My talent to read the (unspoken) needs of others, to pick up energies and make sense of them lead to success and promotions.

But I didn’t feel like me anymore.

Well. The rest is history, as they say

I quit my job. Left the country with my love & our two kiddo’s under 4 to go on sabbatical in San Francisco. That’s where I realized a couple of things:

  • People love you more, not less, when you show your true colours.
  • My ‘people-pleaser-past’ makes me an excellent coach & teacher.
  • I see & connect to people’s Higher Self, and bring that out in a fluent, natural way.


I can do for you


For those who are ready to really step into their authentic power, I offer high-end individual coaching sessions. In these sessions, I combine all my talents into intuitive & transformational leadership coaching, which both helps you self-lead and lead others.

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I guide management and founding teams to reconnect and realign.

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ThetaHealing is a powerful modality to help you through any subconscious beliefs that are no longer serving you.

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Learn the ThetaHealing technique yourself and change your life forever. You’ll be able to work on your self and on others.

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Join me in Portugal for the Female Leadership Journey

19-24 April 2021

Also coming: weekend retreat @ Land of Now (Groningen, NL). 3-5 Sept, 2021 DM me for more info 

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Professional Bio

Before starting her coaching practice in 2013, Rosalie Puiman worked as an interim manager in the Dutch government for almost a decade. In her many assignments in various ministries and municipalities, she worked alongside people with great leadership scope and huge influence. This taught her invaluable lessons about courageous communication, integrity, and leadership. It also showed her that a staggering amount of very influential leaders don’t really have the skills or the courage to be authentic in their leadership and to speak and live their truth without alienating others. It became Rosalie’s mission to change that.

Rosalie has a deep inner drive to support people in stepping into their full potential and creating a life of purpose. She loves to work with passionate people who feel driven to positively impact the world. Her coaching helps them connect to their intuitive mind and grow into their personal power and true potential.

Rosalie holds an MA from Amsterdam University. She’s the founder of The Sovereign Leader, a certified Transformational Presence Coach and ThetaHealer. She’s also the author of The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution.

What I Do