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Yesterday morning, while doing the part of my morning ritual where I read, I read this:

“When you go on a journey, a map can be useful.
But once you embark, signs are a necessity”

But as a rule, we, Western people, are quite detached from our intuition, so how do we know how to interpret the signs we get? I’ve been in conversations many times where someone asked me about their gut feeling. Should they trust it or shouldn’t they?

Well, the truth is, there are two types of gut feelings. The one that signals fear, and the one that is linked to an intuitive knowing. So it’s really quite important to learn to distinguish between the two if you want to be more connected to your inner wisdom.

In this video, I discuss how to interpret your gut feeling. I’ve made you a decision three that makes it easy to understand where you stand.

You can download the decision tree pdf below the video >>


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