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We are New Leaders.
This our time.
We’re here to serve mankind.
We’re here to change the world and to empower.
We’re here to be big. To inspire and be brave.

We are here for you.
We love to connect. We love to share what we’ve learned.
And even though we don’t have all the answers, we’re wise.
We know we just need to look for the right people and ask.

We’re brave.
We’re not afraid of our power,
nor are we afraid of our dreams.
We’re not scared to be seen.
We demand to be heard.
We don’t shy away from our emotions – and we know they will pass.
We’re only human. And we inspire through that.

We create what we want.
We’ve got what we need.
We seek no permission from others
and own our own story.
We know we’re enough.

We bring light to the room. Our presence is strong.
We connect body and mind and find wisdom in both.
We’re present for you. We sense more than you say.
And we’re not afraid to bring that to light.

We’ve mastered the art of Interconnection:
we honour ourselves while being connected to you.
We are not afraid of your emotions.
We are not afraid of your strength.
What is more: we invite you to hold nothing back – and neither do we.

We’re Sovereign Leaders. We’re a New Force.
And so are you.
The world is much better with you.
So share what you know, learn what you need.
Bring your message to light
Have the impact you can.

You make a difference.

We have faith in you.
We believe in you.
And we hope you do too.



Rosalie Puiman is the founder of The Sovereign Leader, a coaching and training organisation dedicated to supporting leaders to gain mastery within themselves, so they can then step out and be the change in the world.

Rosalie is also the author of The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution, an internationally acclaimed and paradigm changing book on handling conflict and disagreements.

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