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The Human Design Blueprint


Human Design is an extremely powerful way to learn more about yourself. But, what about this crazy image & the immense amount of websites 'explaining' the different elements?

Human Design has the potential to take you deep, really fast, and to help you navigate the most important building blocks, I've created this easy to follow program for busy people to create deep self awareness without investing loads of time or tons of money.

This program is designed to do quickly, so within the next 2-3 days after you enrol, you will be able to understand the most important elements of your own chart and that of your loved one's.

Yes, I'm in!

What you'll learn:

With this course, our intention is to empower you to read your own chart, and if you want, make sense of the chart of your loved ones. The 6 modules are set up to make it easy to grasp the foundation of Human Design and the power it has.

What is Human Design?

Just so you know where we're coming from...

Energy Type

Which of the 5 energy types are you, and what does that mean for the way you interact with the world? This module includes Type, Strategy & emotional themes.


How does your intuition communicate with you, and what does that mean for the way you best make important decisions?


Profile is all about how we play our role in life. The way we do what we do best.

Centers & Channels

The centers are archetypal energies in your system. Whether you have a center defined or undefined/open, has a lot of impact on your life themes.


The variables offer practical tips & tricks to how you go about life. Very handy 🙂

This is for you, if:

  • you are curious about Human Design,
  • you want to learn more about your true self,
  • you don’t want to pay top $€$€ for readings with experts,
  • you are a little overwhelmed with all the info that’s available,
  • you don’t want to spend hours & hours reading through the 1million websites & books on HD,
  • and you want be able to understand charts for yourself and the people around you (but you will not be a professional reader after taking this course).


First steps to understand your purpose with Human Design
Yes, I'm in!

Rosalie Puiman

3/5 Splenic Projector

Rosalie started studying Human Design as a way to satisfy her defined gate 58 (Gate of Mastery, all about joyful learning), but it quickly turned out she couldn't outrun her profile line 5 (teaching everything that you find relevant, important, interesting or fun :)).
Through her channel 1762, she manages to present the vast expense of Human design knowledge in an easy to grasp, step-by-step, and engaging way