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Just a short recap of what we’ll be doing in the next 4 weeks:

Looking back:

How Did You Become Who You Are Today?

In this module, you’ll write your Personal Story.

What life events, decisions and people influenced you the most.

And what do you want to take away from that into your future?

Core Qualities:

What Makes You Unique?

In this module, we focus on Your Uniqueness and the things only YOU can give to the world.

Because, let’s be honest, nobody has YOUR exact combination of background, training, experiences, strengths, talents and skills.

Authentic Self:

Who Are You Really?

In this module you’ll make the Journey Within.

Challenging as this may seem, the combination of guided meditation and creativity will help connect with your authentic self and acknowledge the power you bring to the world.

Personal Future Search:

Where Will I Go From Here?

Using a powerful method developed at Harvard Business School, you’ll connect to the future that is trying to emerge.

This will clarify your next steps & empower you to implement them right away, so you can start living the life you dream of.

If you have ANY question(s) just reach out to me,
that’s what I’m here for.