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Rosalie Puiman is on a mission

to bring sovereign leadership
and mindful communication
to life

With her inspirational and energetic style, Rosalie has the ability to motivate and empower audiences to step up their game in leadership and personal growth.

Rosalie’s talks inspire to move into a 21st century style of leading and interacting. Her actionable stories, combined with her positive yet tell-it-like-it-is attitude offer a refreshing perspective on what it takes to serve. Her authenticity and empathetic personality create a connection with audiences everywhere. 

Communication in a polarised world
Our world is deeply polarised: the climate debate, politics in Europe and the US… We seem to have forgotten how to disagree with each other, while also staying connected. Instead, we are drifting apart.

The question is how to break through this polarisation and reconnect, at home, at work, and in these huge global discussions that we need to desperately have with each other. As Ronald Reagan said:
“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability the handle conflict by peaceful means”. 

Rosalie developed the powerful 5 step PAUSE Approach to communication, and teaches Sovereignty in leadership,  which are helping leaders & change makers all over the world to create a deep and lasting impact.

"Leadership as we know it isn't good enough for the huge challenges we face in the 21st century. We need leaders who are powerful enough to move beyond leading over, and even leading with into leading from the potential as it arises."

Mindful Communication
Sovereign Leadership
Personal Leadership
Conflict Resolution

We received an elevated amount of positive feedback from our participants about the top quality of Rosalie's speaking engagement.

Andreas BischoffEuropean Summit

Rosalie brings great insight to the leadership world. I was mesmerised and inspired by her message!

Danielle ReedCertified Daring Way facilitator & Life Coach

Eye-opening! Every leader who wants to make an lasting impact, leave a legacy and inspire others should listen tot Rosalie

Alexandra HubackovaLeadership Coach

Rosalie provided great insight into intercultural leadership skills as well as a challenge to think more about our own personal behaviour as managers of international teams.

Thomas HuigensIkajo International

Rosalie is a true example of a 21st century leader! She speaks her truth and walks the talk and is leading from the front of the leadership parade.

Norie MarfilInternational bestselling author

Rosalie is a charismatic speaker with a powerful leadership message. She inspires confidence and authenticity. She inspired me to be the leader that I am!

Jodi McMurrayThe Humanity Collective

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