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Learn the exact system I used to manifest our new home, my book deal & a Tesla…

without having to think positively all day, every day. Or spending hours on meditating, vision boarding or reciting affirmations.

5 Monday evenings, from October 24 – November 21, 2022

Maybe you know this: Everything you think, say or do is reflected in the things you create in your life.

This is the universal law that states that ‘Like attracts Like’ in action.

You are literally creating your life as you go.

Each decision ànd each manifestion
is made based on what you subconsciously believe.

What you think and say have a direct effect upon the quality of your manifestations. If you constantly say that you have no money, you never will.

And if you would constantly say and think that you are financially abundant, then you will be.

But let’s be honest: it’s impossible to always be happy and positive.

Probably, just like me, you’re used to thinking in a specific way. Many of our thoughts are just on repeat and become a subconscious pattern.

this pattern has great impact on how you experience your life!

Manifestation sounds like magic, but it is just a super effective way to channel your dreams into reality.
I know it can be rough to see others succeed when you're still not where you would like to be.

But what if this could have to do with deep seated, old beliefs that you may not be aware of?
And what if you can - quite easily - realign your energy to match the vibration of the things you want to draw in?


this workshop gives you the KEY to manifesting successfully:
step 1  Get clear on what you really want

Manifesting only a couple of things is less effective than manifesting an entire list, and it’s important to put things on the list that you really, really want. We’ll work on your ‘endless’ list of manifestations, so you’ll always know what to manifest.

step 2 Clearing limiting beliefs

I’ll teach you how to check for your limiting beliefs and support you in clearing some of the most pressing ones.

We’ll also do the series of 1001 manifesting and abundance-related ThetaHealing downloads, which basically resets and aligns your subconscious to accept, amplify and recognise the prosperity and success that’s coming your way.

At the end of this part (on the second day) you’ll have the skills and the awareness of how it feels to be abundant, deserving, and completely and utterly worth it.

step 3 Manifest

Let’s do it! You’ll make your first, effective real-life manifestation during class, and go how with the step by step guide of how to do it again & again!

I am Rosalie, a certified Transformational Leadership coach and ThetaHealer®. In my  work I focus on supporting people to live their best life and align with their Authentic Power (- Authentic Power is when our personality works in alignment with our soul).

Friends call me a manifestation queen, because they’ve heard about me manifesting several apartments, a caravan (when I needed more space for our family), a Tesla, a book deal (including an advance!) and most recently a beautiful piece of land.

Since 2018 I have been a ThetaHealer with a speciality in Manifesting & Abundance, and that made me realize the full scope of manifestation. And since I’ve recently became a ThetaHealing instructor I feel really ready and fully equipped to teach you the skills I’ve used with such success.

The Practicalities

Next Date: 5 Monday evenings, 19:30-21:30 CET

First meet up: October 24, 2022

Last meet up November 21, 2022

via Zoom (replay available )

Your investment for this workshop is

€497 >>
(until Oct. 3)

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