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Manifesting & Abundance

For those who want to be
the Creator of their own life.

What if you would KNOW what it feels like to be victorious,
abundant & successful,
without having to compromise?
What if you would understand the ultimate meaning of fulfilment, and have it in your life?
What if you would be able to move past those things that make you feel secure, but you've actually outgrown?

In this powerful session, you’ll receive literally 1001 downloads to support you in your ability to manifest your dreams into reality.

Downloads are being given on a cellulair level though the ThetaHealing® method of Vianna Stibal.

The new beliefs create new neurological pathways. Everyone who receives these downloads will experience actual change in their lives. For each of us, these changes come at the exact right moment. Sometimes immediately and sometimes after a few days (or even weeks).

Any one can receive these downloads without any earlier knowledge about the ThetaHealing® method. This is meant for everyone who’s intending to be the Creator of their own life!

Beliefs vs Affirmations

If you’re familiar with affirmations, I want you to know that beliefs are a bit different. Belief work is designed to identify beliefs held on a conscious ànd on a subconscious level, and that are no longer serving you. Oftentimes, these beliefs have formed in a time when they were helpful, but for the person you are today, and in relation to the things you want for yourself, they are anything but.

While affirmations can definitely support change in your life, they need to be repeated over and over again and require (constant) positive thinking. Belief work doesn’t. By removing old beliefs and replacing them with new ones, new neural pathways are formed and cell receptors in the body change. As a result, you experience your new beliefs (virtually) instantly.

In this 1001 downloads, we’ll change -literally- 1001 very common beliefs that prevent your from manifesting your dreams and living in abundance.

Upcoming courses:

ONLINE: 21 March 2021

Time: 2pm – 6pm, Amsterdam, CET
Teacher: Rosalie Puiman
Where: Online
Investment: €80


Who is this for?

  • You have an interest in spirituality, and you’ve experimented with – for example – meditation, crystals, teachings or yoga. 
  • You want to create an abundant life while serving the world in your greatest joy
  • You know there’s more to life, and you are ready to step up and lead in your own field, serving the world from your inner guidance and wisdom.

“Everything is energy,
and that's all there is to it.”

Albert Einstein